A faceless maid approaches you as you awaken on a bed, your head tilted towards a window, showing you a black, starless sky.”…You’re awake. They’ve been waiting for you, watching your dreams. Did something in the window catch your eye?”


Hello! My name is Mono or Oni (I don’t mind being called both, you can choose). I am a minor (17), and I am a gemini!I am pangender and I use all pronouns! However I prefer they/them usually. I am demisexual and pansexual, and I am happily taken at the moment! :)Please use tone indicators when talking to me, I tend to take things literally unless clarified.I don’t have any triggers, but if you have any please let me know!Some things I like are:

  • Genshin Impact

  • Twisted Wonderland

  • Cookie run (Ovenbreak primarily)

  • Omori

  • The Walten Files

  • Night in the Woods

  • Danganronpa

  • Your Turn to Die

  • ENA

  • FNAF

  • + Many more (please ask me!)


“I’ve kept you here long enough. You’re free to explore the rest of the mansion as you please…”“Just please don’t anger them.”



The butterflies here are weary of you. A swarm follows you along the bunches of fresh flowers. As you reach out to touch a rose, several butterflies land on your hand.They won’t let you touch them unless you ask nicely.


Please DNI if you are the following:

  • LGBTphobic.

  • A supporter of straight pride.

  • Racist.

  • A user of the term “loli” or “shota”.

  • A user of the term “fujoshi/fujo” to describe themself.

  • A user of the term “pedophile/sex offender” to describe themself.

  • Attracted to little children or underage teenagers.

  • 25+ years of age.

  • 12- years of age.

  • A super supporter the DSMP (Only the problematic YTbers) (Especially if you’re a fan of JSchlatt/Dream).

  • A supporter of IAmLunaSol.

  • A supporter of Onision.

  • Believes that fiction doesn’t affect reality.

  • Supporting the idea of shipping minors and adults.

  • Supporting the idea of incest/necrophilia/beastiality.

  • A user of fake sexualities/pronouns (For example: dreamsexual, fidgetsexual, tiktoksexual, dream/dreamself (in reference to the YTber), just any absurd things made as a joke that have been taken seriously.)

If these match with your description, please leave now. You’re disgusting and you need help and a life.For those who are in the clear, I hope we can become good friends :)


You watch the blossoms of a nearby sakura flower flutter onto the ground.“…The owner of this mansion sure has a large garden…”Suddenly your head starts to hurt. You feel someone watching you. You feel anxious.You should head back inside.



You walk into the dining room. The large table already set up with large portions of different foods. You come to realize that those seated at the table aren’t people, but animals. Felines, canines, birds, and reptiles alike are seated.A cat glances over at you, its ears slightly perked up“You’re the guest the maids have been talking about, yes? Take a seat, we’ve been waiting to feast with you.”That cat just spoke to you. You feel like as if you’re going insane.


This is my kinlist! Regarding doubles, I don’t really care. I like meeting others who kin the same characters as I do. If you have any DA’s, let me know!(Reminder these are just kins. I don’t act entirely like these characters, just some of them I relate to because of other things.)

  • Diluc Raginvindr (GENSHIN IMPACT)



  • Riddle Rosehearts (TWISTED WONDERLAND)

  • Celestia Ludenburg (DANGANRONPA)

  • Nagito Komaeda (DANGANRONPA: GD)

  • Gundham Tanaka (DANGANRONPA: GD)

  • Korekiyo Shingujii (DANGANRONPA KH)

  • Shuichi Saihara (DANGANRONPA KH)

  • Giyuu Tomioka (KIMETSU NO YAIBA)

  • Muichiro Tokito (KIMETSU NO YAIBA)

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma (KIMETSU NO YAIBA)

  • Gyutaro (KIMETSU NO YAIBA)

  • Jou “Joe” Tazuna (YOUR TURN TO DIE)

  • Alice Gonbee Yabusame (YOUR TURN TO DIE)

  • Pina (BEASTARS)

  • Juno (BEASTARS)

  • Sophie Walten (THE WALTEN FILES)

  • Mari (OMORI)

  • Ena (JOEL G.)



  • Death The Kid (SOUL EATER)



  • Shirou Ogami (BNA)


You all left nothing on the table, only the bones of the poor lamb and cattle that were cooked for this occasion. With a full stomach you come to realize something:”Who provided all this?”The animals looked at one another before the same cat spoke again.“The owner of the mansion. We all reside here with them. They’ll let anybody in, there is only one rule:”
”Do not ask who they are.”